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Phone     250-981-3738

Property inspection in BC since 2015

Property Inspection in BC since 2015

  About Us

Adept Inspecting is the product of Stuart Wheele’s passion for helping residential and commercial clients feel safe and secure in their homes and businesses. Stuart has been a home inspector in BC since 2015, and his home inspection checklist has become more sophisticated and detailed with every new residence he visits.

Adept Inspecting carries comprehensive insurance and full licensure, so you can rest easy knowing that everything is covered.

Stuart is a firm believer in constant growth and improvement, so he continuously updates and hones his qualifications by attending continuing education courses, workshops and training seminars which helps him to offer the best home inspections in Prince George.

This commitment to continuous improvement, combined with his extensive knowledge of home inspection protocols and construction, means that Stuart Wheele is uniquely qualified to deliver thorough, impartial and accurate reports on both commercial and residential buildings.

Your health & safety is his primary concern

Whether you’re buying a home, selling property or looking to open a business in Prince George, Stuart is trained to inspect your property from foundation to roof. When you call on Stuart for your home inspection, you can feel confident that he will do his due diligence in every aspect of the process.

Your health and safety is his primary concern, so Stuart will make a point to highlight any areas of your property that could pose a potential threat. Stuart prides himself on professionalism, accuracy and accessibility in every report he makes, which means that he will gladly explain any aspect of the report that you may be unfamiliar with.

If you are in need of a home inspector in BC who is familiar with all of the most recent safety standards, give Stuart a call today. His thorough commercial and home inspection checklists will give you peace of mind whether you are a buyer or seller.

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