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Phone     250-981-3738

Reliable, affordable commercial inspecting

Reliable, affordable commercial inspecting

  Commercial Services

Stuart Wheele is well-versed in providing accurate, expedient and thorough commercial inspections

Adept Inspecting offers services for a variety of commercial properties, including apartments, retail businesses, hotels, motels, warehouses, office spaces and other commercially zoned buildings.

Stuart Wheele is well-versed in providing accurate, expedient and thorough commercial inspections regardless of whether your company is buying or leasing a space. He also provides property condition assessment services to clients who are purchasing commercial properties in a landlord capacity in order to help new landlords understand the overall condition of the building or buildings they are purchasing.

Property condition assessment services differ somewhat from a typical home inspection checklist. Stuart is happy to customize his reports based on the needs of the client.

An Adept Inspecting commercial report meticulously documents the condition of the property according to industry standards. Stuart will also make a note of cost estimates for any general repairs or replacements that may be necessary over a certain dollar amount in order to give the client as much information as possible about the state of the property.

In certain cases, it may be necessary to bring in specialists to provide additional expertise regarding specific areas of inspection, and Stuart will notify clients if the need arises.

If you need a reliable, affordable commercial inspector in Prince George or the surrounding area, call or contact Adept Inspecting today, and let Stuart schedule an appointment with you.

A typical property condition assessment assesses the condition of the following aspects:



  Interior finish

  Swimming pools & spas


  Fire protection

  Electrical wiring

   Heating & cooling

  Exterior walls

   Mold detection

  Parking surfaces

  Overall structural soundness

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