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Thorough & detailed home inspection

Thorough & detailed home inspection

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Home inspection in BC is an important part of the buying and selling processes

Buying or selling a home can be stressful because it is such a huge investment in your future. This is why licensed inspector, Stuart Wheele, comes prepared with a thorough and detailed home inspection checklist that covers every aspect of your residence.

Adept Inspecting offers both pre-listing and pre-purchase inspection services at affordable rates so that you can feel secure and comfortable about your decision to invest in a particular house.

Every home inspection comes with a highly detailed report that is broken up into clearly defined and prioritized lists so that you can get a quick, comprehensive idea of any potential deficiencies or safety hazards that might be present.

Adept Inspecting will deliver a report that can tell you about any maintenance issues or potential safety problems in plain terms. Images and additional information will be provided to help buyers and sellers better understand any issues that need to be addressed.

Home inspection in BC is an important part of the buying and selling processes. For buyers and sellers, including home inspection costs into the budget can help to identify deficiencies that will need to be corrected before showing the home to potential buyers.

Pre-listing inspections can shorten the amount of time it takes to sell a home and limit the amount of negotiation required during the selling process.

Anyone who needs a professional and down-to-earth home inspector in Prince George or the surrounding areas should contact Adept Inspecting. Stuart is friendly, courteous and highly skilled, and he would love to help you buy or sell your home.

All of the home inspections completed by Adept Inspecting include thorough assessments of the following:



  Interior & exterior walls

  Basement & Foundation



  Windows & doors

   Heating & Cooling Systems

   Crawl Spaces

  Mold detection

  Swimming pools & hot tubs

  Electrical & plumbing systems

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